About Us

The teacher

Sensei Martina Lucchesi is a Ju Jitsu Master (4th dan CSEN and 2nd dan WJJF) and Self-Defense instructor with several years of experience teaching adults and children.

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She began training Ju Jitsu when she was 12 years old, in 1996, under Sensei Luca Angeli (7th dan CSEN). Her enthusiasm and passion for martial arts and fighting sports pushed her to improve and gain long-standing skills in different disciplines, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kick-Jitsu/Fighting System, Kick-Boxing, and Judo. She also practiced intensively for about 5 years (getting the brown belt) Wing Tjun & Taiji, gaining experience in meditation and breathing exercises.

Moreover, curiosity about kinesiology and movement science has motivated her to attend movement seminars with Cameron and Melayne Shayne from the Budokon Academy, and lessons based on Ido Portal’s method. She views activities as necessary to develop the proprioception (an awareness of one’s body, its movements and its position) necessary to effectively teach martial arts, and how to best condition the body.

Martina has a scientific education: Bachelor Degree in Herbal Science (final mark 110/110) and Bachelor and Master Degree in Medicinal Chemistry (department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Pisa). She moved to Amsterdam in 2013 to finish her studies at the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Leiden with a thesis in molecular biology (final mark 105/110).

YKR Amsterdam

YKR stands for Yanagi no Ken Ryu. YKR Amsterdam is a school of Ju Jitsu, self-defense and Ginnastica & Movement. The meaning behind Yanagi no Ken (willow sword) lies in the meaning of Ju Jitsu (yielding art): flexible like a willow but strong and sharp like a sword.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano (Juvenal – Satire X)

As a traditional martial art, the practice and the study of Ju-Jitsu involve the development of discipline, self-confidence and concentration, along with the benefits of physical training. Ginnastica is a term that indicates a variety of sports involving sequences of movements that generally require strength, elasticity, and kinesthetic ability (so-called coordination). It is a perfect exercise to harmonize the body and it can be practice as a complementary course for martial artists.


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