Ju Jitsu

Ju Jitsu (柔術, jū jutsu or jiu jitsu) is a Japanese martial art that can be translated as “yielding art” or “gentle art”.

The lessons consist of warm-up and stretching, techniques related to the program for the exams and study of kata according to the programs of the WJJF.

Every 6-12 months the students will sit the belt exam.

It is suitable for everyone.

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The lessons consist of light warm-up and stretching and techniques adjusted from Ju-Jitsu in order to be efficiently applied in a real life situation.

It is suitable for adults and juniors.

Ginnastica & Movement

Ginnastica is a term that indicates a variety of sports involving sequences of movements that generally require strength, elasticity, and kinesthetic ability (so-called coordination).

Ginnastica is certainly one of the oldest sports: it has developed from the exercises that ancient Greek soldiers performed to stay in shape, to improve their ability and flexibility.

The association with “Movement” is to instill the idea of freedom behind the word.

It is suitable for adults and juniors.


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