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Martial arts to fight racism

Martial Arts has a history of providing the oppressed with the strength and power to gain not only more physical skills, but also mental strength. Throughout the US there are many examples of dojo’s where non-white youth can come and grow in a safe environment. However, it does not only serve as a place where non-white youth can explore and experience personal growth, it also provides us with a safe space to adequately talk about racism with white youth. Opening up the conversation on race with white youth has proven to be highly efficient in becoming aware of systematic injustice. The youth are opted to engage in meaningful conversations and break down barriers that live between them, as in the dojo, all are equal. The entire environment is based on respect and courtesy and the dojo, is a safe and inclusive space where people from all ethnic backgrounds, different gender and different economic situation can train together and help each other to improve.


Weekly appointments where the teenagers will have the chance to train with martial art or sport instructors or participate in workshops with professionals able to provide the tools to support a conversation about racism. The project is developed on the mid term, with a length of 6 months and the chance to prolong it.


Martina Lucchesi: jujitsu/self-defence
Milio van de Kamp: kung fu/grappling
Brenda Ulivieri: judo
Chuntug Taguba: aikido
Art Srisayam: movement/floor-work
Other disciplines (depending on the availability of the teachers): eskrima, kendo.


Daryll Landbrug:
– Youth & social worker
– Teacher high vocational studies in youth domain & youth culture
– Special interest in decolonial, intersectional rhetoric and methods of teaching
– Labeled activist

Milio van de Kamp:
– Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam
– Sociologist specialised in inequality
– Youth worker
– Founder of Realate, a company that gives trainings, workshops and advice on diversity and poverty related topics.

Kim Dankoor:
– (academic) researcher on representations in the media
– Media literacy lecturer to (at-risk) teens, college students, parents and employees of media organisations
– Mediator of discussions about ‘representation in the media’ and appears as a media literacy expert on shows and events.


Martina Lucchesi, founder and teacher at YKR Ju Jitsu school – Amsterdam (2015) has more than 20 years of experience in martial arts. During the last few years she has been focusing more on youth education and trainings, trying to use ju jitsu as a platform to support and help their growth.

Self Defence Seminar for Womxn

05/01 & 16/02 2019 | 13.00-18.00


In the seminars you will learn some basic techniques that enable you to defend yourself against an unexpected attack in any situation. These techniques help in building self- confidence and are based on Ju-Jitsu, a Japanese martial art.

The techniques include knowing how to evade an attack, yielding to an attacker in order to gain control of and neutralize them, and releasing yourself from an attacker’s grasp.

In addition, during the seminar there will be the space to cover topics such as prevention, awareness of the surroundings, self defence in “uncomfortable situations” (e.g. defending yourself while wearing high heels and a skirt) and budo: in Japanese martial arts, the final technique is to stop the fighting before starting it.


Ju Jitsu & Kick Jitsu Seminar

26th January 2019 | 9.30-12.30


First part:
Ju Jitsu sequences: a combination of techniques with a logic “concatenation”.
You will see how to move through locks, strikes and controlling positions based on the reaction of the opponent.

Second part:
Kick Jitsu, also known as Fighting System, is a sport developed from Ju Jitsu.
You will see the techniques learned in traditional jujitsu applied in a more dynamic situation such as a competition.

M. Luca Angeli (7th dan)

Luca Angeli sensei has decades of experience in martial arts and fighting sport. He got his 7th dan in Ju Jitsu in 2013 and 3rd dan in Kick Jitsu in 2000. In his background there are also: judo, kick boxing, taekwondo, krav maga, grappling and ground fighting (BJJ).

Teacher assistants:
M. Davide Paolinelli (5th dan)
M. Massimiliano Giusti (3rd dan)
M. Martina Lucchesi (3rd dan)

Previous events

Ju Jitsu & Movement Summer Camp

27th – 31st of August | 9.30-13.30

Ask for the package or the “daily” ticket!

Ju Jitsu, the Japanese martial art used as self-defense, combined with Ginnastica & Movement, a way to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and reflexes through fun exercises.


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